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Friday, 10 October 2014 00:00


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At present MEGA honored to be reprentative to distribute broadcast radio, television and professional Audio / Video equipments for brands :




Website: www.broadcastpix.com

 - Digital Video Switcher integrated with many functions such as Video Clip player; CG/Graphic; Multiview; Virtual Set; Camera Control …

 - Slow Motion System

 - Charater Generator - Graphic


Website: www.metus.com

 - Media Asset Management software

 - Multi Channels , Multi Formats HD/SD Ingest software


Website: www.lynx-technik.com

 - 3G/HD/SD Signal Processing, Distribution Amplifier, Converter equipments.

 - 3G/HD/SD <- -> Fiber Transmission

Website: www.apantac.com

 - Professional Multiviewer for television, supports to 3G/HD/SD formats.

 - DVI/HDMI/3G/HD/SD Converter, Distribution Amplifier equipments.

Website: www.dk-technologies.com

 - 3G/HD/SD Waveform/Vectorscope equipments

 - 3G/HD/SD Sync Pulse Generator

 - Professional Audio Meter & Loudness Monitoring

Website: www.boxx.tv

 - SD/HD Wireless Camera Transmission system

 - Tally/Intercom/Iriswireless controller for camera system

Website: www.ese-web.com

 - GPS Master Clock 



Website: www.infortrend.com

 - SAN/NAS Media/Data Storage System 

Website: www.sonifex.co.uk

 - Professional Digital/Analog Audio Mixer for Radio

 - Audio Processing equipments

Website: www.audioscience.com

 - Professional Sound Card for Radio

 - Audio Transmission via IP (AoIP)

Website: www.bsiusa.com

 - Scheduling software and Automation Playout for Radio